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Transformation is defined as a change in structure, appearance or character. Recently, the term transformation has been used to describe the change in the appearance of a house as in the show “Extreme Makeover. That could be a change in the structure of the house but certainly also its appearance. It has also been used in that reality show where they transform a person’s appearance. It is pretty amazing what they can do with some minor plastic surgery, orthodontics and cosmetic work (not to mention a bath and a haircut!). However, those are really not major changes. The greatest and most difficult transformation is one of character. Consequently it occurs less frequently than the other two. It is not easy to change on the inside. Outside changes take a week for a house and a few months for a face, but people rarely change on the inside. That is why whenever we are talking about changes in someone’s thinking, their mental outlook, or their nature or character, the word transformation has an almost supernatural connotation to it.

The greatest challenge in life is in our thinking. Apparently, it is easy to think like everyone else in the world. The challenge is to not just conform to everyone else’s thinking. There is a verse in the Bible that says we are not to be conformed to this world (meaning the thinking of the world) but to be transformed (by the renewing of our minds). That is a great idea but not an easy thing to do. Transformation can only occur by the “renovation of your thinking.” That is a pretty tall order, to “change” the way you think. No wonder so few people see transformation in their lives. There are many levels on which a renovation of our thinking needs to occur. The one we as chiropractors are interested in involves our thinking with regard to life, health, and the human body--what makes it work, causes it not to work properly, to heal, and to stay healthy. Let us look at some of the world’s thinking.

The world generally sees sickness and disease as a matter of bad luck rather than the consequences of how one takes care of himself/herself. They seem to think that sickness comes from outside rather than because the body is not working properly on the inside. Further, many think that health can be restored by taking something from outside the body. The average person really has little, if any, appreciation for how fantastic the body is and that it has an innate intelligence, an inborn wisdom that runs and heals it from conception until death. People do not understand that the body is not a bunch of unrelated parts, what affects one part of the body affects the entire organism. People are generally focused on treating effects rather than correcting the cause, getting rid of a symptom rather than finding out and correcting what is causing that symptom. That idea has greater ramifications than just our physical body. It applies to everything from taking care of our automobile to our relationships with others.

The issue that faces everyone is are you satisfied with your life? If you are, then there is no need for transformation and you might as well continue in the thinking of the world. However, if you think the world could and should be a better place, then perhaps it needs to begin with you and a renovation in some of your thinking. A good place to start may be with your body, how you view it and how you take care of it. Understanding the principles and the philosophy of chiropractic can go a long way toward that renovation and ultimately a transformation in your health, well-being, and reaching your potential in life. Learn more about chiropractic and there is a good chance your thinking and your life will be improved.

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